Tele-Health Case Manager

Tele-Health Care Manager
Based in Dickinson, ND
This position has been created to fulfill the Pediatric Mental Health Care Access Program grant that was awarded to the ND Department of Health and Prairie St. John's. The person who fulfills this position will be part of a grant which is projected to last five years. During that time an infrastructure will be created to increase Mental Health Care and Substance Use treatment to pediatric patients and their families throughout rural North Dakota communities. The position may become permanent upon the grant cycle completion.
Essential Job Duties:
The primary responsibility of the Tele-Health Case manager is to maintain regular contact and communication with providers and family members in order to ensure effective coordination and continuity of care. This includes contacting current providers with updates on the patient's progress as well as assisting in scheduling follow-up appointments with a variety of providers as identified by the treating physician.
Establishes relationships with the patient, their family/guardian and new providers for care, based on recommendations of the treating physician.
Communicates recommendations to care providers as evidenced by chart documentation and consultation with the treating physician.
Assists in the coordination of care through communication with patient/family/guardian and other care providers
Completes documentation of contacts made with the patient/family/guardian and care providers in the patient's medical record.
Completes Releases of Information between the client and care providers to help ensure good communication and continuity of care.
Consistently documents treatment and planning information and progress in the patient's record.
Provides psycho-education and individual support with the goal of enhancing patient and family functioning as they access mental health care.
Job Requirements
Job Requirements:
The Social Worker must have a Bachelors Degree in Social Work and licensure in the State of North Dakota or eligibility for licensure in the State of North Dakota. Incumbents should be highly organized, empathetic, capable of multitasking in a high-stress environment and be knowledgeable in how to handle difficult situations in a way that promotes the best outcomes for the patient. Experience using Microsoft Office Products including Word and Outlook is preferred.

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